The Coastal Packet: Police blotter

Tuesday, March 24

Police blotter

WLBZ 2, Bangor ME - Somerset County Sheriff's arrested a man they had been looking for in connection to a burglary and violation of administrative after the suspect posted a picture of himself at his house in Fairfield.

According to officials Christopher Wallace posted a picture of himself on Snapchat Sunday night and people who saw the snap, contacted the Sheriff's office.

Corporal Ritchie Putnam, Deputy Ron Blodgett, and two officers from Fairfield Police Department went to the residence. They were given permission to search the house, and initially did not find Wallace.

While officials were wrapping up the search, Wallace posted again on Snapchat saying that police were searching for him in his house and that he was hiding in a cabinet.

Erika Hall (20) was also arrested for hindering apprehension.

Bangor Police Department FB Page I remember years ago we were trying to arrest a young man on warrants. Every time we went to his mobile home we were allowed to come in and search the place by his roommate. What we did not know is he had built an elaborate little trap door and tunnel in a closet. He would go under the skirted mobile home to hide each time we showed up. He was like Hogan and we were like Sgt. Schultz.

I like ingenious plans but his was foiled by one foray into his hideout naked. He got cold and knocked on the floor to come back inside. Naked and afraid, he finally went to jail.

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