Wednesday, January 22

Maine housing market breaks multiple records in 2019

53% of Mainers think Trump abused his power

Political Wire -A new Garin-Hart-Yang (D) poll in Maine finds 53% of voters think President Trump is guilty of abusing the power of his office for his personal benefit by withholding military aid to Ukraine. Among independent voters — a key group for Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), who is up for re-election — 57% said Trump is guilty of abusing the power of his office.

Saturday, January 4

Press Herald will publish digital-only on Mondays

Press Herald -To preserve newsroom jobs, the Portland Press Herald, Lewiston Sun Journal, Morning Sentinel and Kennebec Journal will discontinue Monday print editions starting March 2.

Thursday, December 26

Navy proposes cutting Bath built destroyers

Thursday, November 28

Maine ranked sixth worst for affordability

PORTLAND (WGME) -- A new study ranks Maine as one of the least affordable states to live in. Consumer website “Senior List” says Maine is the sixth worst state for affordability.

Saturday, November 2

Lobster catch down

News Break - Early numbers show Maine's lobster catch has declined as much as 40 percent this year; equaling roughly 50 million pounds. State officials calculated these results using data gathered from September 2018 to September 2019. However, there are still a few months worth of data from lobster..

Tuesday, October 15

Impeachment would hurt Collins

Political Wire - A new Public Policy Polling survey in Maine shows Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) has a dismal 35% to 50% approval rating.

Collins trails a generic Democrat for reelection 41% to 44%. That represents a big drop for Collins compared to a September poll when she led a generic Democrat by 6 points at 44% to 38%.

Also interesting is that 53% of Mainers support impeaching President Trump with 44% opposed. When asked who they would choose if Collins opposed impeachment, she goes from a 3-point deficit against a generic Democratic opponent for reelection to a 7-point deficit at 40% to 47%.

Monday, October 14

Feds lend support for refuigee agriculture

The federal government’s investing more than $600,000 in a Portland group that works with immigrants and refugees to teach sustainable farming practices.