Sunday, September 13

Former Maine journalist abused by Los Angeles cops

Huang was formerly a journalist for Maine Public Radio

LAist - Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies arrested KPCC/LAist Correspondent Josie Huang Saturday night while she was covering the ambush shooting of two deputies in Compton.

Even as she was being thrown to the ground, Huang — who was wearing a lanyard with her press credential hanging from her neck —was recording the encounter. In video that continued to film after the phone was knocked from her hand, Huang can be heard repeatedly identifying herself as a reporter and saying KPCC multiple times. You also can hear Huang yelling: "You're hurting me."

The incident occurred outside St. Francis Medical Center in Lynwood, where the two deputies were being treated for gunshot wounds. Huang had just finished covering a 10 p.m. news conference by Sheriff Alex Villanueva and other department officials.

Huang, an award-winning journalist, allegedly obstructed justice. The department initially refused to provide details of what happened, but later, Deputy Juanita Navarro of the Sheriff's Information Bureau confirmed that deputies took Huang into custody on suspicion of obstruction of justice by "interfering with a lawful arrest." Huang says she was trying to document the arrest of a protester.

Navarro also said Huang "didn't have proper credentials," but she was clearly wearing press credentials around her neck.

Tuesday, August 25

'It's Great To Live In Rural Maine,' Where Cases Are Low And Schools Are Open

Judge okays ranked choice referendum

 Bangor Daily News - A Maine judge ruled  that the state Republican party gathered enough valid signatures from voters to put a challenge to a new ranked-choice voting law on the November ballot, preventing the method’s use in this presidential election.

Superior Court Judge Thomas McKeon ruled Secretary of State Matt Dunlap improperly invalidated 988 signatures, just barely enough to qualify the effort for the ballot. If the decision stands, it will be the third time in four years that Maine will vote on ranked-choice voting.

Wednesday, July 29

Gideon holds 5 point lead in latest polls

Sarah Gideon has a five point lead over Susan Collins in the two latest polls. In the latest survey, Biden leads Trump by 12 points in Maine. Biden takes congressional district 1 by 20 points and CD2 by two points.

Monday, July 20

Maine cases on uptick

Maine's number of new cases in past seven days is 19% above the previous week. It also has a death rate of 3.5% of cases, below the national rate of 4.3%, but for the first time in weeks it has increased.

Maine's case rate on a per capita basis is the second lowest in the country - beat only by Oregon  - according to an analysis by Alan McQuillan.