The Coastal Packet: LL Bean plans big expansion

Friday, March 13

LL Bean plans big expansion

WCSH - L.L. Bean is planning to quadruple its number of U.S. stores by 2020 and double it staff.

The Freeport based company currently has 25 stores outside of its flagship store in Maine. The company announced that it plans to add four more stores in 2015 and 15 each year after that. By 2020, it plans to have 100 stores total in the U.S.

L.L. Bean said its web sales grew seven percent last year and the popularity of its signature Bean Boots is through the roof. The rubber boots have become a fashion statement with millennials, leading to the company running out of sizes of the handmade boot.

So far L.L. Bean has added stores in Burlington, Vermont, Denver, Colorado and the Mall of America. Kacere said reception in the markets was strong.

L.L. Bean also has 20 stores in Japan and about 50 China locations.

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