The Coastal Packet: Lawmakers override 20 of LePage's 43 vetoes

Tuesday, July 10

Lawmakers override 20 of LePage's 43 vetoes

Press Herald - Lawmakers voted overwhelmingly Monday to increase reimbursement rates for group homes serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities over the protests of Gov. Paul LePage.

Lawmakers approved the rate increase for “direct care” workers while overriding LePage vetoes on two supplemental spending bills that also earmark additional funds for nursing home workers and for opiate addiction treatment programs. In separate votes, both chambers of the Legislature also opted to provide $6 million more in state funds to address shortfalls at the county jails and to require utility shareholders to pick up the tabs for the types of audits currently underway into unexplained price spikes.

But LePage successfully blocked 23 of the 43 bills that he vetoed, including measures to provide start-up funding to expand Medicaid coverage, to prohibit “conversion therapy” for gay or transgendered minors and to reopen the Downeast Correctional Facility.

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