The Coastal Packet: How Mills differs from Moody

Friday, June 22

How Mills differs from Moody

Beacon - Mills offers a clear split from Moody on many of the issues that will be top-of-mind for Maine voters in November.

On health care, which polling shows is a top concern, Moody opposes Medicaid expansion and has said he would repeal the voter-approved law if elected governor. Mills not only supports Medicaid expansion but has pledged to work towards universal health coverage.

On the issue of minimum wage, Mills supports continuing the voter-approved minimum wage increase that will see Maine’s lowest-paid workers earn $12 an hour by 2020. Moody has aligned himself closely with outgoing Governor Paul LePage, who has repeatedly attempted to cut and roll back the wage increases. Moody has suggested a plan where young workers would make as little as $5 an hour.

... With threatened lobster stocks and a surge in ticks and Lyme disease, climate change will pose a unique challenge for Maine’s net governor. Moody has denied the fact that human activities have contributed to climate change, while Mills has been a leader on the issue. She challenged the Trump administration’s effort to undo key environmental policies in court and has teamed up with other state attorneys general to investigate Exxon Mobil for its suppression of climate change science.

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