The Coastal Packet: LePage appointing a Nestle staffer to environmental board

Tuesday, January 23

LePage appointing a Nestle staffer to environmental board

Community Water Justice - Maine Governor Paul LePage is in the process of appointing a full-time long-term Nestle/Poland Spring employee Mark Dubois to our Board of Environmental Protection, with the help of the Environment and Natural Resources Committee Chair, Senator Thomas Saviello.

This is a serious conflict of interest, that gives additional power to private interests. We are amidst the 'global water grabs' where water rights are quickly being secured by the world's most wealthy individuals, corporations and banks. We should not be giving power to foreign corporate interests as this or to any private entity when we should be putting our groundwater under a public trust.

Senator Saviello is the Senator of Maine's 17th district, a region where Nestle operates an expanding bottling plant with several extraction and test well sites feeding into it. We wonder how much in campaign contributions he's received from Nestle, as they are one of the biggest corporate donors in our state.

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