The Coastal Packet: Effects of Gulf of Maine warming

Saturday, September 16

Effects of Gulf of Maine warming

Colin Woodward, Portland Press Herald [The Gulf of Maine] is the second fastest warming part of the world ocean, with plenty of implications for life here, marine and human alike.

New research -- by a team including many of the same scientists who worked on the previous studies -- shows Gulf summers are getting longer by two days a year, and that almost all the annual warming is concentrated in the summer months meaning, among other things, less of a cold-water "speed bump" is present to protect the Maine coast from hurricanes.

The AP followed up on this story later in the week.
In recent weeks, right whales have been dying in large numbers in the northeast Atlantic -- possibly due in part to secondary climate effects -- and researchers have estimated that many commercial fish species in the Gulf may run out of thermally appropriate habitat in coming decades.

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