The Coastal Packet: Update on Maine iicense plate compliance with Real ID

Tuesday, May 9

Update on Maine iicense plate compliance with Real ID

Maine’s Secretary of State says they hope to begin issuing drivers licenses under the federal Real ID program in the summer of next year. Last month the Legislature passed a law requiring the state to comply with federal Real ID, and the Governor signed it. The Department of Homeland Security has indicated it will give Maine a waiver extension now that the state has signaled it will comply with the law, although that extension been given yet.

Once the extension is granted, current Maine driver’s licenses will continue to be valid ID to get on airplanes for a few more years. But Secretary of State Matt Dunlap says they have to get the new system ready so people can begin replacing their licenses next year.

License holders will need to show proof of where they live, birth certificate or other documents to show they are a citizen or legally living in Maine.Those documents will be scanned into a computer database, kept by the Maine Bureau of Motor vehicles.

License holders won’t be required to replace their licenses until the regular renewal date, but if that date is after October of 2020, the license would become non-compliant until a new one was issued.

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