The Coastal Packet: Poland Springs plans to take more Maine water

Sunday, May 14

Poland Springs plans to take more Maine water

Maine Pubic Broadcasting - A Poland Spring representative said he will push his company to build a $50 million bottling plant in the Lincoln area — a crucial but far from final step in the company’s expansion planning.

Poland Spring will likely need two years to start its initial operations, trucking water from Lincoln to its bottling plants in Poland and Hollis. A new plant could take four years to build and will likely resemble Kingfield’s, which employs 100 people and bottles 175 million gallons a year.

Legislators who fear that privately-owned companies could imperil state water supplies have proposed a bill that would declare a two-year ban on private contracts to consume more than 75,000 gallons a week or more than 50,000 gallons a day. The bill also establishes a commission to regulate commercial water sales. It is pending.

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