The Coastal Packet: LePage has forfeited almost $2 billiion in federal funds

Saturday, April 22

LePage has forfeited almost $2 billiion in federal funds

Richard Pollak Press Herald - The latest report from the Maine Center for Economic Policy..,  indicts the LePage administration for forfeiting almost $2 billion in available federal aid since 2011.

To date, for example, Augusta has said “No, thanks” to more than $1 billion that would have expanded Medicaid in Maine, via a key provision of the Affordable Care Act (still alive and kicking, despite the Republican Party’s slash-and-burn crusade).

This crucial infusion of federal dollars has been embraced by the District of Columbia and 32 states, including all our New England neighbors. If Maine were to accept its share of Medicaid money, some $246 million would be invested annually in the economy. But because Gov. Trump Lite has a pronounced distaste for Washington money, some 70,000 low-income Mainers cannot access affordable health care.

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