The Coastal Packet: Legislature to vote on repeal of clean gubentorial elections

Sunday, April 30

Legislature to vote on repeal of clean gubentorial elections

Maine Citizens for Clean Elections reports that the Maine House of Representatives will debate and vote on LD300 - the bill that would repeal Clean Elections for candidates for governor - this coming Tuesday. The Senate vote will follow shortly after. Says MCCE:
  • Voters have twice voted for a strong Clean Election law, including funding for legislative and gubernatorial candidates.
  • Mainers want and deserve a governor that works for voters, not one funded by wealthy special interests -- don't be responsible for taking this opportunity away and undermine what the people have said they want.
  • Maine people voted by a 10-margin in 2015 to reinstate the Clean Election program for gubernatorial candidates after the legislature suspended this voter-enacted law in 2013.
  • Other states, including Arizona and Connecticut, have elected governors who used Clean Elections. Maine has had Republicans, Democrats, and others use Clean Elections for their gubernatorial bids.

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