The Coastal Packet: Down East Notes: Blizzard prep

Sunday, March 12

Down East Notes: Blizzard prep

Bangor Police Department - Mr. Positive is here to tell you the plus side of the impending winter doom.

1. 12" to 24" of snow will fill in most of the potholes (except for that deep one on Hammond Street hill) which will make your commute through Friday smoother and less jarring.

Additionally, the Slim Whitman "Home on the Range" 8-Track cassette will skip far less while you are on the off ramp to Union Street.

2. The talking heads (not the band) on television will be speaking about something other than political mayhem for a few days.

They will be hollering at us about the track of the storm and to take more than a light jacket. That is-if the satellite and cable doesn't go out.

3. There is a chance that the kids will be off from school again this week. That's always fun this time of year. Especially if your daycare facility closes as well. Plan on some well deserved time off the job. Why would anyone want to use their vacation days in the summer when you can use them right now?

See, there is an upside to all this.

Life goes on in the 207, and while it's fun to make light of it, make sure that you prepare for a couple of days of cold and snow.

You don't have to mention bread and milk in the comments, that is actually a problem away from Maine. We can eat all kinds of stuff that we have stored up around the house.

If you don't already have several cans of Spam, you shouldn't even be allowed to get a Maine driver's license.

Check on elderly neighbors and shut-ins, make sure heating equipment ventilation outlets are free from ice, snow and/or debris during the weather event. Put the boots by the door and try to find the matching glove that went missing last week. You have time.

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