The Coastal Packet: Maine GOP's war against student voting

Sunday, February 12

Maine GOP's war against student voting

Maine Beacon - In what has become a shamefully regular post-election routine from Republican leadership in Maine, we are once again witnessing an explicit attack on the rights of students to vote in Maine elections. This time around, House Minority Leader Ken Fredette (R-Newport) is sponsoring a bill that would prohibit thousands of students from registering to vote in Maine: effectively barring students who have moved here from other states from participating in Maine elections.

Going back to 2011 and 2015 Republicans at the state and local level have been attempting to both paint college-age voters as dangers to the fabric of Maine’s democracy and to actively disenfranchise students..

Just last November, in an anonymous —but no less destructive— attempt at student-voter suppression, “Legal Advisory” flyers were circulated at Bates College falsely claiming that students hailing from outside of the state could not register to vote in Maine without paying to register and inspect their vehicles here.

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