The Coastal Packet: Collins and King oppose Devos. . . but Collins a little late

Wednesday, February 8

Collins and King oppose Devos. . . but Collins a little late

Press Herald - Republican Susan Collins and independent Angus King joined all Senate Democrats plus Republican Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and independent Bernie Sanders of Vermont in voting against DeVos, creating a 50-50 tie in the confirmation vote early Tuesday afternoon. Vice President Mike Pence cast the tie-breaking vote....

Collins and Murkowski could have blocked DeVos’ nomination when it was before a reviewing committee they both serve on, but they both voted to approve her in a 12-11 party line vote, infuriating some of the nominee’s opponents in Maine. A group affiliated with the Maine People’s Alliance, a progressive activist group, started holding “Susan Sunday” rallies to protest her committee vote for DeVos, her championing of Trump’s nominee to head the Justice Department, Jeff Sessions, and other issues.Collins has explained she believes the full Senate should get its say on Cabinet and judicial nominations, noting she also voted for committee approval for two Obama nominees, even though she opposed them in the full Senate vote.

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