The Coastal Packet: Helping Muslim owned businesses

Monday, January 9

Helping Muslim owned businesses

On Christmas Eve, the windows were smashed at the Ahram Halal Market on Forest Avenue in Portland, the latest in a rising wave of anti-Muslim violence. To show our support for our valued Muslim friends and neighbors, people of all faiths are coming together for a one-day "Muslim-Owned Business Buy-In" on Saturday, January 14. To participate, just stop by one or more of these local businesses that are owned by or serve members of Portland's Muslim community:

Ahram Halal Market (630 Forest Ave.)
Ameera Bread Company (845 Forest Ave.)
Babylon Restaurant (1192 Forest Ave.)
Banadir Halal Market (1190 Forest Ave.)
Jazeera Market (625 Forest Ave.)
Peace Food Market (21 Chestnut St.)
Portland Halal Market (269 St. John St.)

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