The Coastal Packet: Post election non-profit donations soar

Sunday, December 11

Post election non-profit donations soar

Press Herald - Normally November is a slow fundraising month for the Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project, a Portland-based nonprofit that provides free legal services to low-income immigrants.

Not this year. The election of Donald Trump, who promised during his campaign to deport asylum seekers and sharply restrict immigration from certain countries, has sparked an unprecedented outpouring of support.

Donations to the organization spiked almost 2,000 percent, from $1,800 last November to about $35,000 this November – including a single anonymous donation of $10,000.

Across the nation, organizations that advocate for women, gay rights, immigrants, the environment and civil liberties are reporting a huge increase in donations, out of fear that Trump and many of his Cabinet nominees might try to curtail abortion rights, immigration and LGBT rights.

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