The Coastal Packet: Maine churches speak out

Sunday, August 28

Maine churches speak out

One of the reasons we have been cursed with the likes of Donald Trump is because institutions of rationality and decency - such as academia and non-evangelical churches - have been far more quiet then they were, say, in the Sixties. Here's a pleasant exception.

Sun Journal, ME -  The Maine Council of Churches on Saturday weighed in on Gov. Paul LePage's profanity-laced voicemail to a state lawmaker, calling it a "vitriolic personal attack."

"The words he chose to use in the message and interview (after) were unspeakable — and yet he spoke them, disgracing the office of governor and dishonoring our state in the eyes of the nation," read the statement from council spokeswoman Rev. Jane Field.

On Friday, LePage made national headlines after audio came out of a message he'd left for state Rep. Drew Gattine calling the Westbrook democrat, among other things, "a son-of-a-b****, socialist (expletive)." He followed that up by telling a reporter that he'd like to invite Gattine to a duel where he'd point the gun "right between" his eyes.

LePage said later he'd left the message and made that comment because he believed Gattine had called him a racist, which Gattine denied.

The Maine Council of Churches represents nine denominations and their 550 congregations across the state. The council has invited political candidates this summer to sign a "Civil Discourse Covenant," agreeing to act respectfully, avoid personal attacks and avoid "untrue statements."

Field urged LePage to consider signing it.

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