The Coastal Packet: Stupid Paul LePage tricks

Wednesday, June 29

Stupid Paul LePage tricks

Maine Beacon - Maine Governor Paul LePage announced on Monday that, due to a refusal of legislative leaders to call a special session to reconsider certain legislation, he will use an executive order to begin making cuts to and transfers from a set of state-administered health care programs, including the Low Cost Drugs for the Elderly and Disabled Program and the Fund for a Healthy Maine.

“All the bills are funded. There is no need for this order,” said Senate Democratic Leader Justin Alfond in response. “These programs have been on Gov. LePage’s chopping block for a long time, and he’s using this manufactured chaos as cover to slash their funding,” said Sen. Alfond. “He wasn’t able to win support in the Legislature to gut these programs, so he’s abusing his authority to make the cuts by executive order.”

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