The Coastal Packet

Thursday, June 2

Press-Herald - Maine’s largest environmental organization is accusing Gov. Paul LePage of waging a “smear campaign” and harassing donors by sending letters to supporters outlining what he claims are the group’s job-killing activities.

The Natural Resources Council of Maine released a copy of letters that LePage sent to an unknown number of NRCM donors accusing the organization of “job-crushing, anti-business policies.” The letters, which follow weeks of LePage statements highly critical of the organization, conclude by saying that “your financial support of NRCM is costing rural Mainers good jobs and keeping them mired in poverty.”  NRCM officials fired back on Wednesday.

“It appears the governor has taken the unprecedented step of directing public employees to hunt down the names and addresses of NRCM members so that he can send harassment letters to their homes,” said Lisa Pohlmann, NRCM’s executive director. “This has got to stop. The governor should not be using Maine taxpayer money for his vendetta against NRCM.”

LePage staff said the letters were intended to give NRCM members the facts about an organization that has been heavily involved in legislative fights over mining, timber harvesting, environmental regulation, renewable energy and land conservation.

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