The Coastal Packet

Saturday, May 7

Press Herald - Maine Democrats voted Saturday morning to restrict the ability of so-called “superdelegates” to cast their votes for any candidate they choose at the Democratic National Convention, but not until the 2020 elections.

The proposal by Rep. Diane Russell, D-Portland, would require that beginning in 2020, the Maine’s delegate votes at the Democratic National Convention be awarded proportionately to the results of the party’s presidential caucus or primary. Under current rules, the state’s five superdelegates – positions held by party leaders – are unpledged, meaning they are not bound by the caucus results.

The rule change would also urge – but not require – the superdelegates attending the 2016 national convention to honor the outcome of the March caucuses, when Sanders won 63 percent of the votes. Finally, it calls on the national party to eliminate the superdelegate system altogether.

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