The Coastal Packet: Maine primary system gets statehouse approval

Tuesday, April 12

Maine primary system gets statehouse approval

Both houses of the Maine legislature have given preliminary approval to LD 1673. The Senate passed it April 11 and the House on April 12. It sets up a presidential primary for Maine. The date would be set by the Secretary of State, but the primary would be on one of the Tuesdays in March. The Secretary of State would set the date by December of the year before the election.

Balot Access - Candidates would need 2,000 signatures of party members, and only party members could sign. Only party members could vote in the presidential primaries. The bill also says the Secretary of State shall study how much the primaries would cost and report by December 1, 2017. If the Maine legislature wants to save money, it should provide for filing fees instead of signatures, because it costs tax dollars to check petition validity. Or the Maine legislature could have provided that candidates discussed in the news media be placed on the ballot automatically.

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