The Coastal Packet: Website on medical marijuana

Thursday, March 31

Website on medical marijuana

Forecaster - Since 2011, a local doctor has been using medical marijuana and other integrative remedies to treat patients.

But he and his practice were running up against a problem: accurate information on medical cannabis wasn’t readily available to patients.

So Dr. Dustin Sulak, whose Integr8 Health practice is at 170 U.S. Route 1, decided to make the information available on a first-of-its-kind website,

“Cannabis is different from a lot of medication,” Sulak said last week.

Sulak said cannabis isn’t just one medication; it’s hundreds, as there are different variations and responses to it. On the website, he said, patients can find the right dosage, how to use cannabis therapeutically without the high, how to become more sensitive to cannabis, and how to control unwanted side affects.

“ is taking educational material … and making it available to medical users everywhere,” Sulak said.

Brad Feuer, co-founder of and CEO of Integr8 Health, said the website is a way to make science and methodology about medicinal cannabis available to people around the world.

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