The Coastal Packet: Shouldn't LePage have to pass some Common Core tests first?

Friday, February 12

Shouldn't LePage have to pass some Common Core tests first?

Sun Journal - Republican Gov. Paul LePage said he would forgo the state's official nomination process in selecting a new commissioner for the Department of Education and take on the role himself. 10 Comments E-mail this story Print this story Save this story Sponsor Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

Maine Gov. Paul LePage addresses the Lewiston Auburn Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce at its Connecting with the Community breakfast Thursday at the Ramada Inn and Conference Center. LePage announced that the state's acting education commissioner, William Beardsley, would become deputy commissioner and LePage would act as education commissioner. Buy a print

LePage said acting Commissioner William Beardsley will remain in place for the remainder of the governor's term, which expires in 2018. LePage suggested Beardsley would serve out his term as acting commissioner and then would remain in the department as the deputy commissioner, essentially running the department from that position.

"I will be the commissioner," LePage said.

The statement comes just days after LePage withdrew Beardsley's nomination before the Legislature, saying that decision was temporary.

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