The Coastal Packet: Democrats go populist for state legislature

Tuesday, January 5

Democrats go populist for state legislature

Mike Tipping, Bangor Daily News - As Steve Mistler notes, Democrats are emphasizing rural districts in their effort to win back control of the State Senate this November. Perhaps more interestingly, they’re depending on authentic, progressive candidates to win those seats.

As Senate Candidate Jonathan Fulford described himself and his fellows, it was “a logger, a builder, a lobsterman and a Maine Guide” who braved the freezing temperatures outside the Statehouse to speak at a press conference organized by the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee. All four hail from the economically progressive wing of the party... Based on the lineup of new challengers, Democrats seem to have taken an important political lesson to heart: Maine voters will support authentic candidates who share their basic values on the issues that matter most and who aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in.

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