The Coastal Packet: GOP state representative lies about Chin

Wednesday, November 11

GOP state representative lies about Chin

Beacon - “On December 8th, voters in Lewiston should just say NO to this anti-Christian bigot,” wrote State Representative Lawrence Lockman, a Republican from Amherst, on his legislative Facebook page, referring to progressive mayoral candidate Ben Chin.

“Chin hates America, hates Americans, and hates Christians,” continued Lockman.
Lockman’s attacks seem to be based on an online ad paid for and distributed by the Maine Republican Party, which uses out-of-context quotes and a series of ellipses in an attempt to portray Chin as anti-Christian.

In fact, the partial quotes were taken from a sermon delivered by Chin in 2009 at Trinity Church in Lewiston in defense of Christianity and the compassion of the gospel. Far from being anti-Christian, Chin is a lay Episcopal preacher and is deeply religious.

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