The Coastal Packet: Trump and Fiorina don't have to be the business role models

Tuesday, September 15

Trump and Fiorina don't have to be the business role models

Dismal as the tales of Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina may be, not all big business people follow in their path, of which we were reminded in a story about the memorial service for Leon Gorman, longtime CEO of LL Bean:

Tom Bell, Portland Press Herald - Mark Swann, executive director of Preble Street, said Gorman volunteered at the agency’s Portland soup kitchen every Wednesday morning for 12 years...

Swann remembered getting a call last winter from Gorman while Gorman was sitting in a plane idling on the tarmac at Boston’s Logan International Airport during a storm. Gorman wanted to know how Portland’s homeless were coping with the unusually cold and stormy winter. Swann reported that they lacked warm clothes, and Gorman immediately called the company’s warehouse and dispatched a truck filled with winter jackets, scarves, hats and toe-warmers to distribute to the homeless.

He was the most powerful private person in Maine, but he often thought about ways to help the “least powerful, most easily forgotten people in the state,” Swann said. “What a lesson from Leon for all of us.” 

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