The Coastal Packet: Police blotter

Wednesday, September 30

Police blotter

Dear Josh D-----

Sir, we appreciate that you sent us this photo. Of course we are concerned. We asked the driver of Unit #22 if there had been any mishaps while on patrol today and he said there had been no trouble.

Further review of the photo led us to believe that he might have been withholding information.

We brought him into the office for a few more questions. Lt. Kenison advised me that his uniform was slightly askew. His pants were not present but he was wearing a damp, dark blue Speedo and there was a snorkel in his gun belt. The snorkel was not issued and was being carried in his issued, baton holder.

We have more questions for him but he claimed that he had a water bubble in his right eardrum and he could not hear us. He said he needed to to go find a Q-Tip. Due to the possibility of a workers compensation situation, we released him from the inquiry.

We will discuss it with him in the morning. In the meantime we do always take complaints seriously and will inform you the outcome of the investigation.

Sgt. Tim Cotton
Bangor Police Department

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