The Coastal Packet: Mainers like their electric cars

Wednesday, September 16

Mainers like their electric cars

Natural Resources Council of Maine - Maine EV owners almost universally love their vehicles: 93% say they would recommend their vehicle to a friend, family member, or colleague. Virtually all respondents [to our poll] find their vehicle to be reliable and easy and affordable to maintain. Survey respondents said they particularly appreciated the great mileage; driving by gas stations without filling up; lower emissions; quietness; ease of driving; “zippiness” (good) acceleration; good handling, comfort and reliability.

 Almost all drivers (95%) reported that they primarily charge their cars at home. A few (10%) reported that their workplace was a secondary charging location. Even among drivers who commute 21 miles or more each way, most report charging only at home (75%) and mostly overnight (62%).

The survey found that 62% of respondents use their vehicle for commuting to work. Of those who commute in their EV, 39% commute less than 10 miles each way, 28% commute 11-20 miles, and 33% commute more than 21 miles, while 10% commute more than 50 miles each way.

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