The Coastal Packet: Sanders even affecting the Greens

Saturday, August 22

Sanders even affecting the Greens

Sam Smith - Attended the Maine Independent Green convention which ended with an hour plus debate over whether Greens should be backing Bernie Sanders. To some it's disloyal or futile, to others a rational form of fusion politics. Ben Meiklejohn called it "a very constructive discussion ... where Greens who support a Green nominee, Greens who support no nominee and Greens who support Mr. Sanders all had dialogue with each other in a respectful manner where nobody was made to feel like they should leave the party." . . . Some Maine Greens have started a Greens for Sanders Facebook page which caused some controversy as did what some saw as censorship of debate on the state party's Facebook page. Nothing was settled at the convention but it was another reminder of the impact that Sanders is having.

My own view has been that the Greens have spent too much effort on unsuccessful presidential campaigns that mainly show the party as politically weak. Others believe these campaigns bring in money that can be useful to state and local candidates as well as the presidential one. But the last thing the Green Party needs - especially in a state like Maine where it has a significant impact - is to be torn apart over the issue.

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