The Coastal Packet: Police blotter

Wednesday, May 6

Police blotter

WJBQ, ME - Police arrested Dwight Nathan Hart of Bingham, Maine on Sunday after he allegedly threatened a woman with a machete as he was trying to steal her lawn chairs.

Police say the incident started as Mr. Hart backed his pickup truck into the unnamed woman’s yard around 6pm. When he started loading her lawn furniture into his truck, she confronted him with a garden hoe.

Chief Deputy James Ross of the Somerset County Sheriff’s Office: "He actually hit the hoe several times.”

Deputy Ross goes on to say that the crazy man actually made contact with the garden tool multiple times.

The woman was able to take her lawn furniture out of the truck, but not before she got his license plate and called the cops.

There were no bad injuries, but the sheriff’s department did say that the woman managed to strike the assailant several times with her hoe.

This dangerous criminal is being held on $500 bail, at the Somerset County Jail.

Bangor ME Police Department - Officer Doug Smith is still trying to locate this gentleman. In this photo he is seen, not breaking any laws. Shortly after the free portrait was captured through high end, digital photography, this man walked out of Walmart with over 800 bucks worth of stolen goods (even when offered at every day low prices).

During their attempts to stop him, things got physical (not the Olivia Newton John kind).

He took off and left with a woman driving a light colored, Dodge product.

 We are willing to engage in conversation to get his side of the story.

I am currently unable get messenger on my mobile device as I am hitting the road trying to find myself....hopefully at Moody's Diner and well beyond. I ask that you contact Officer Doug "Doogie" Smith with a message on our easily accessible tip line at 207-947-7384 ext 6.

If this is, by chance, you in this photo; stop by the station at 240 Main Street in Bangor to speak to a friendly, conversationally adept, patrol officer. Tell us your story. Accept a complimentary 8 x 10 glossy of our featured picture...suitable for framing. Thanks for sharing your time with us today. The men and women of the Bangor Police Department will be here!

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