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Sunday, April 12

Down East Notes

WCSH A Portland city councilor is calling for changing the role of the mayor for the second time in five years. In 2001, voters approved a change to the city charter which allowed voters to elect its first mayor since the 1920's. Previously city councilors chose one of their own to serve as mayor. City councilor Ed Suslovic said having a mayor with no executive authority has been confusing and frustrating for staff. He claims nothing has been gained from having an popularly elected mayor. Suslovic was a big supporter of amending the city charter in 2010, but now he has buyer's remorse.'We have the mayor elected, we created all these expectation that the mayor would do this, set an agenda, have a vision, but we didn't give him more authority than the previous mayor did under the old system," said Suslovic.

Augusta's veterans' hospital doing better than national average in wait time

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