The Coastal Packet: 5 reasons Marge Kilkelly knows she's home

Thursday, April 16

5 reasons Marge Kilkelly knows she's home

 Marge Kilkelly, Dragonfly Cove Farm, Maine

1. I can park my truck in a store parking lot- beside other trucks.

2. Something as simple as going to the recycle station can make me smile, because folks say hi, and help unload just because they want to and it gives us a chance to chat.

3. I can drive to a small business and see the large box of goods I need to pick up on the porch – with an envelope on the top that just says “Marge” and holds the bill.

4. I drive down a back country road at sunset, stop to take a picture and a smiling young man driving another pickup truck, stops beside me and asks if I need help.

5. When I drive, my arm hurts ....from waving to all the folks I know.

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