The Coastal Packet: So much for tax cuts as an economic boom

Thursday, March 19

So much for tax cuts as an economic boom

Yael T. Abouhalkah, Kansas City Star - A new jobs report shows that Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback’s tax cuts failed to propel the state ahead of others in the region in creating employment in all of 2014.

Missouri — which did not slash income taxes as Kansas did — beat the Sunflower State in gaining jobs in the last year.

Kansas also was far behind the U.S. average job growth over that time.

That pretty much destroys Brownback’s constant whining that President Barack Obama’s policies have held back employment in Kansas. Many other states are doing just fine in padding their jobs rolls.

Total nonfarm, seasonally adjusted jobs growth from January 2014 to January 2015:
  • Colorado up 2.9 percent
  • Arkansas up 2.3 percent
  • U.S. average up 2.3 percent
  • Missouri up 1.6 percent
  • Iowa up 1.6 percent
  • Oklahoma up 1.5 percent
  • Kansas up 1.3 percent
  • Nebraska up 1.2 percent

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