The Coastal Packet: Votes you can enjoy

Saturday, November 3

Votes you can enjoy

Sam Smith - It's not as much fun to vote as it used to be as politicians become increasingly like something you find on row 7 at Hannford's rather than real people. But, if you live in Portland or Brunswick, there are a couple of great exceptions.

The first is Asher Platts, who deserves to be elected to the state senate from Portland simply because of his campaign signs. A gut bucket progressive, Platts also plays bass and has been a major voice of progressive politics in the area.  And if you think he may be too radical to get along in Augusta, how many people do you know who have both worked for the League of Pissed Off Voters and also been an Eagle Scout?
The choice in Brunswick for state representative is less colorful, but that's a reasonable trade off for his competence, integrity and ability to get along with others. Fred Horch,  almost won the last time around, a rare small businessman running for office as a Green. His sustainable goods store was a fixture on Main Street and Fred is one of those people with whom you'd want to talk about things even if you  disagreed with him.The latest good news is that the Brunswick Times Record has endorsed him. The only thing wrong with either of these guys is that they don't live in Freeport so I could vote for them.

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